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We help people with great ideas
build great businesses.

If you have a business that is successfully past the validation stage, there are a lot investors who would love to help .
But if you need help getting to that stage, do get in touch with us.

We are more than just investors and mentors; we are usually co-founders.


Investment Philosophy

Over centuries, disruptive innovation has been the primary driver of human progress. From the invention of the wheel to Google to Amazon, disruptive ideas that are executed well, continue to change our daily lives. But how much thought have we spared for all those potentially great disruptive ideas that have failed because of the other factors and resources needed to guide a company from the ideation stage to the growth stage? This 'Valley of Death', is so risky that most early stage investors avoid it. Ironically so, because that is when any start-up would need the most help.

We believe that we can substantially contribute to human progress, by evaluating each light bulb moment, helping a conceiver define the idea better, conceptualising it as a scalable business, experimenting and validating its viability and setting it up for maximum growth.

Our efforts seek to ensure that no worthy business idea is left to fail because it wasn’t executed well. Because each such failure, could be a terrible loss for mankind.

The alphabay Investment Window

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The value we add

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The right fit

It's not all about the money

We are not typical investors waiting with a stockpile after a billion-dollar exit. We are entrepreneurs passionate about founding and building new businesses. So, if all you are looking for is money, and not necessarily for our involvement in executing the idea, you would probably get a much better option if you could look at other investors in India/abroad who would love to just invest and wait for an opportune exit.

It helps if you're around

We are strongly inclined towards investing only in companies that are based out of Kerala. The stage at which we get involved is usually so early that we expect most founders to need a lot of hand-holding, and we are confident of being able to provide it when a founder and his business is based out of Kerala. Kozhikode or Northern Kerala would be ideal.

We are not tech gurus

We are great at conceptualizing businesses and at executing them. We are great at planning and monitoring cash flows, and helping businesses survive until the next milestone is achieved, but we are not great programmers or coders. So, if you have a technology-based idea, but do not have the technical expertise to at least coordinate it if not execute it, then we suggest that you approach one of the several other technology-focused incubators and investors who are active in this ecosystem.

And we are not into building rockets or space stations

We revel in our passion to bootstrap, generate revenues, grow and thus build a solid foundation, which is usually self-sustaining and scalable at the same. So, if yours is a business that is heavily capital intensive, our core competencies might not end up being too relevant, and it might be best to find larger pockets who can sustain larger investments and burn rates.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge,
and feel we could be a good fit,

Please give us some details.